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Dispatches from the Archive

Dispatches from the Archive

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Dispatches from the Archive



Written by a Cambridge University literature student, this deck contains two stories - one from the Greek Mythology (Heracles' twelve labours) and a second fictional short story (Obituaries) where every card being a mini 'chapter'.

If you have never read Heracles' story, you're in for a treat! This format really brings it to life and keeps you engaged. "Obituaries" is a story which has been adapted to the card format which is fun, funny and light to read.

A note about the author:

B.D. Van Hoyten (presumed guilty until proven otherwise) has dedicated his life to the collation of what he calls The New Archive—a history of documents and those who produce them. His collection includes works on the poetry of Ernest Dowson; mycological growth in middle Europe; the missing paintings in Cassiers' portfolio; good steamboat maintenance; tubercular diseases of the lower respiratory system; and the fire that recently consumed the archival library in the town of Navelgaze, Ohio. Commended for bravery in one civil war and disciplined for cowardice in another, the author is at time of writing awaiting inspiration for his second novel, and the subpoena for his inevitable court marshalling. He is considered, by some, to be an expert in his field; he is considered by others nothing more than a fraud. B.D. Van Hoyten writes from a cell in the Convent of the Holy Infant. Pay checks, poems, declarations of love, declarations of hate, and ransom notes ought to be directed here.
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