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(Like UNO for developers, but with strategy)

Each card has a function on it, each function is written in 4 languages: c, go, python, go, js. The game starts with the list [0,0,0,0]. You must play either the same function in a different language, or any function in the same language as the previous card. Each card takes a list and return a list, and there are punk0, punk1, punk2, punk3 cards that print what you should do depending on the appropriate index of the list. For example if the list gets to [0,-2,1,3] and you play punk1(x), which operates on index 1 of the list, in this case having value -2, you must play 2 more valid cards, or draw from the deck.

I worked on this game mainly to teach my daughter that knowing many languages is not very important, what you need to know is how things work, also what they represent, and especially, how the computer sees them. Also to start building intuition about rotating and manipulating pieces of memory. 

Check out for more details about the rules of the game and links to the pdfs if you want to print it yourself.


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