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The Game of Go

The Game of Go

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Getting started with Go

[this is The Game of Go, not golang]

The best way to learn Go is to play it.
As a beginner, using smaller boards is
an excellent way of getting games under
your belt. Go is often played on 9x9 or
13x13 boards – allowing you to acquire
a feel for the game without worrying too
much about the complexity of 19x19
strategy. Beginners should not shy away
from playing handicap games. Seeing
higher level play in action is
invaluable, and often opponents will act
as great teachers, able to point out any
mistakes you made.

Many players find that their enjoyment
of Go only increases as they improve and
come to understand the complexities of
the game better. Confucius argued that
‘gentlemen should not waste their time
on trivial games - they should play go'.
It's a game that teaches far more than
how to acquire territory on a 19-19
board; players’ takeaways and derived
joys are unique and plentiful. As a
shared space for self-expression, the Go
board is home to clashes of character,
implicit conversations, and meaningful
connections. It's also pretty fun.


..about the author

Stan Hinton studies history in the UK.
He has been playing Go since 2020 in
preparation for a stint in the

He is currently working on occupational
structures and pretending to study
computer science in place of early
modern missionary projects.

His favourite games include Catan,, and sardines.

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