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The UNIX Pipe Card Game Expansion: Process Substitution

The UNIX Pipe Card Game Expansion: Process Substitution

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The UNIX Pipe Card Game Expansion: Process Substitution

This is an expansion to The Unix Pipe Game with much more difficult tasks, and it adds paste, tr, cut, bc as commands.
The expansion assumes that the parent is familiar with the basic unix commands: cat, grep, tail, head, wc, sort, uniq, paste, tr, cut, bc. The parent should show also show those commands in action the computer as well, if you do not have any UNIX system you can use jslinux in your browser. 


NB: You can not play this expansion without having the base game, the reason is the tasks require far more cards and there is just no space in one deck. I am sorry, I really tried to make the deck self contained, but in the end I decided to go with 2 decks so the game becomes more fun.
The concept of process substitution is explained briefly in the deck, also the new commands are briefly explained as well, but I can only explain so much in ~1000 characters, this will surely not be enough to explain to your kids, so its better to let them play a bit in the command line to get a feeling about how paste, tr, cut, bc work.

Example game round:

compute the average rating: sum(rating)/(amount of movies)
First we will make one process to cat the file, take the ratings column, skip the header, join the lines with + and pipe it into the calculator, we also need to count the amount of movies we have in the file, then we will use paste to join those outputs with '/' and pipe it again into the calculator:

paste -d/- <(cat 03.txt | cut -f 4 -d, |grep -v Rating| paste -sd+ | bc) <(cat 03.txt | grep -v Rating | wc -l) | bc


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